Viber Stickers for Telegram in webp Format

Viber Stickers Available in webp Format

Now use Viber Stickers in Telegram or WhatsApp!


Please Note: I’ve added these stickers directly to Telegram, so the webp format download links are now removed from my site and instead you can use these below links to use the stickers, it’s much much esaier!

But if you like you can read the rest of this post 😉



As you know Viber stickers are really interesting and other communications apps do not have stickers like Viber. So that I’ve tried to make Viber stickers available for other communications apps like Telegram or WhatsApp!

Now how to use Viber stickers in Telegram ?!

If your Device’s Android version is 5.0 ( Lollipop ) or higher than 5.0, it’s really easy to use these stickers. You just need to download these Viber stickers and send which one you like to your friends as a file in Telegram. It will become a sticker!

But if your Device’s Android version is lower than 5.0, First of all you need to download the below Codec Setup and install it on your computer so that you will be able to view ( webp ) format files on your computer.

Size : 3.2 MB / ZIP File Password :


After installing this webp codec on your computer you are able to view this kind of format.

Now for sending Viber Stickers in Telegram, you need to go to ( ) and download the latest version of Telegram Desktop.

After installing and activating your Telegram Desktop, you should choose the attach icon and select File and choose one of the stickers you like and send it to your friend. It will become an sticker and you can use it on your mobile device too. ( By forwarding the stickers )

Now it’s time to download the prepared Viber Stickers!

I’ve tried to do my best in converting the Viber Stickers to have the most possible quality, I wish their quality would be acceptable for you.

I’ve converted the below Viber stickers :

.:: HI ::.

Size : 1 MB / ZIP File Password :


.:: Hanging Out ::.

Size : 2 MB / ZIP File Password :


.:: Lana the Sheep 2 ::.

Size : 2.3 MB / ZIP File Password :


.:: Love is All You Need ::.

Size : 1.7 MB / ZIP File Password :


.:: Mems ::.

Size : 1.2 MB / ZIP File Password :


Here you can see a preview of each sticker pack:

At last I want to thank my friend ” Pierre Chassaing ” who really helped me to convert Viber stickers!

His contacts:


Please Follow the Copyright Rules.

Yours Truly – Daniel Rassaf

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