About Me

First of all it’s better to thank you for your interest in reading something about me.

My name is Danial Rassaf and I was Born on “12/18/1995“ in Tehran/Iran. I grew up in Tehran and I’m living in it right now!

I really like to spend my time with modern devices specially My Computer! When I was six, I began a friendship with my computer and learnt lot of different things and also played a lot of different games! And right now I have learnt how to design a professional website!

Beside designing websites I also compose musics. My Favorite genre of music is Hip Hop but I also listen to Persian Pop.

My favorites:


Yas. Hichkas , Sorena , Sohrab MJ , Pishro , Tataloo , Ebi , Dariush , Helen , Akon , Michael Jackson.

Football Teams:

FC Perspolice / FC Barcelona / FC Arsenal / FC Rome

Football Players:

Leo Messi, Ali Daei, Ali Karimi, Zidane, Barthez.

Color & Flower: Red & Rose


I also like doing photography, specially some from nature but I haven’t concentrated on taking pictures in a professional way.


I always try to be a tidy person and do all of my works with a plan. And for me, there is no difference between a cup of coffee or tea!

Here you can see some of my pictures:

At last, Thank you again!

Yours Truly,
Danial Rassaf

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